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It was covered with large tiles probably made of foam or cork-board. Each tile was large and rectangular, an off-white color flecked with grey. From the age of six to 13, Northcote spent a long time staring at it.

Once a year, for the longest two minutes in history, she would force herself to concentrate on those tiles right after her doctor repeated the familiar phrase:. Thirteen of those doctors complied. She never really knew why it happened — her doctor never told her.

At first she assumed her doctor must have been a pervert.

And then, after rapper TI disclosed last month that he forces his daughter to have her hymen checked every year to prove that she is a virgin, Northcote had to reconsider those visits and what they meant. But as a strictly conservative catholic who was obsessed with virginity, it seems about right. One night, she dragged Northcote out of bed in the middle of the night to ask if she was having sex. So too, should have been a study, which studied 36 pregnant women, 34 of which still had an intact hymen. Still, the myth is so compelling that people would rather believe in virgin pregnancies than facts.

The hymen, a fold of membrane at the vaginal opening, varies dramatically from woman to woman. In some women the hymen looks like a ring, in others it is crescent shaped.

Some women have several holes, notches or clefts in their hymens, others have no hymen at all. Its perforation is no of sexual activity, and the accompanying assumption that comes alongside it — that a virginal woman will bleed the first time she has sex — is little more than folklore. Tens of thousands of women also order fake hymen kits every year — thousands of which are in the US. The fake hymen is placed in the vagina before intercourse and spurts blood during the act. Many of their customers, they say, call saying they need the fake hymen to protect themselves.

Sometimes the women are virgins but want to make sure they bleed on their wedding night, fearing repercussions. Often, their partners know they plan to use the fake blood, but hitch a plan to deceive parents, who check their bedsheets after their wedding nights.

On a human level, and on a biological level. A systematic review on hymen checks summed up the incredibly harmful impacts of the practice. In another case, the test resulted in suicide.

Women scream, cry and faint during the tests, and reported self-hatred and loss of self-esteem following them. Ashley Lee, 20, from Missouri, was threatened with a hymen check by her parents almost every year before she left home.

In an incredible cruel twist to the story, her parents knew about the abuse, and yet continued to hang the test over her head to make sure she never felt comfortable enough to have sex under their roof. It was enough to make her leave home aged 16, but the threat had long-lasting impacts.

M edicine is a profession as vulnerable to dogma as any — particularly because of the lasting impact that outdated medical texts and a body of research that has historically focused on older white men continues to have.

You have a really hard time undoing it. When Gunter was in medical school, the hymen — let alone the social constructs around virginity that surrounded it — was barely spoken about. When it was, it was from a male perspective. But one New York assemblywoman is hoping to make a tangible difference by changing the law. If passed, it will ensure that virginity testing is banned; that any medical professional undertaking such a practice will face losing their ; and that if the examination is performed in the US, whether inside or outside the medical office, it should be constituted as sexual assault.

She argues that the power that a doctor has over their patients, plus the fact that the examination is not fit for purpose, is proof that the procedure is abusive. Both Gunter and Solages hope that having more women around the table will mean real change.

Lisa's teacher takes care of her virginity.

But in the meantime, there is a glaring double standard: there are no virginity tests for men. While Northcote and Lee were both brought up by parents invested in chastity, their brothers were never held to the same virginity standard. For Lee, it took years for her to even begin to consider herself as a valuable human being. Tens of thousands of women also order fake hymen kits every year.

Illustration: Cat Finnie. Poppy Noor. Mon 9 Dec The fear of it alone can have disastrous consequences. Topics Women Sex Health Women's health features.

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