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If you have spent a fair amount of time around dogs, chances are that you, too, have an embarrassing hump story. I can think of a few whoppers.


Maybe it has whiskers. So, okay, I guess part of me thought it was possible my darling cat had been castrated and made into a eunuch.

Lately, one his favorite pastimes has been kneading the comforter on the bed which involves making little fists with his claws out over and over again, for all you catless folks. Once Rory had his fill of kneading, he started cleaning himself. It was not furry at all, but it was indeed pink. It looked like a pointy, engorged worm that would travel through your ear canal to get into your brain.

It looked like a miniature, penisy version of the vampires in The Strain. He thought it was hysterical. I mean, I liken what happened between us to a mother walking in on her teenage son jerking off with a full bottle of Jergens on the nightstand beside him. It was obvious he was likely licking his pink thing for pleasure, not cleanliness, so I had to wonder—does the blanket kneading give Rory a kitty boner? Do cats ejaculate? As a post-pink thing viewing female owner of a male cat, I feel this strange need to be more aware of his masculinity.

Is he in his teenage phase now?

Is there a cat puberty? Take a second and think about your pets as sexual beings for a second. When you learn your cat has a pointy, pink penis, it makes you bashful. PS: Okay, so I said the hell with it. Katie Hoffman is a writer living in the suburbs of Chicago. She enjoys leftovers, lunges, and laughs. Maybe I should just stick to female pets. Well he knows how I feel about animals and people taking responsibility and ability for their pet. With that said he named the cat savvy we were so clueless I was for sure that he was a girl until just this morning I saw daddy cleaning herself her genital Parts as I walk back from the bathroom and this little pink thing sticking up???

I do not like ignorance whatsoever it is a big pet peeve of mine. Is this a boy?

Reasons behind why dogs hump

Please be a darling and help me do I have a boy because if so I need to correct the name immediately. Thank you again in advance and have a wonderful holiday season. I own two male rabbits. Before we got them neutered they would hump the ish out of eachother.

Why do dogs hump and how to stop dog humping

I have two proud, liberal bunnies! Now they are neutered and no longer have urges and we act like it never happened. Liberal bunnies—I love it! But that would also freak me out, because their STUFF has to be super potent because look at the rabbit population.

But jizz on the hand is so unacceptable. Love the story though.

I saw my cat’s penis for the first time

The first thing my brother said upon seeing my little baby Frank was how huge a penis he had for such a small dog. My sister calls it the red rocket too.

I have no weird sex pet stories but this is both hilarious and disturbing and I hope you and Rory can work through it together! Never mind.

Not going there. Suffice it to say there is an enzyme spray you can get to remove the odor. My last cat masturbated nearly every day of his life and he lived to be seventeen years old. A few years ago, we went to visit my brother and sister-in-law and brought our sweet little female puppy. They had a horny, old male pug. My hubby was traumatized when that pug tried to mount his darling, innocent princess.

How to stop dog humping

Of course she had longer legs, so when he tried to climb on, she just stood up and he fell over. Dogs will be dogs. I had the exact same experience with my cat Lupin! I was rubbing my male cat Blackie on his belly and out of no where his penis got erect.

He was purring and then I noticed he looked as if he was sleeping and he was still sticking his thing out. And is it normal?

I freaked out as well, because Milo is my little boy. And yesterday I saw a tiny pink thing sticking out down there and I freaked out. Today while I was holding him, I saw the full package. Thank you for writing this. So weird. In related news, my small, female poodle mix pup likes to hump that cat when she thinks no one is looking. All kinds of weird.

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Omg I just saw my sweet baby angels pink thing tonight yucko it literally horrified me!! Because no. So, I was hoping the same situation had happened to someone else…. And hopefully another female, with a male cat, would understand. I understand and appreciate this article. Thank you. My boys are getting their 6 month old balls cut off ASAP!! I made my boyfriend Google pictures of cat penises because I was so horrified and needed him to understand why.

While he was pawing the sky BAM.

Pink member! I was like really? We are not like that buddy. By the way, awesome article!

Little sh! Trauma, yo.

Dog-pussy-fuck - best bestiality videos - showing of

This post made me laugh so much I cried. Thank you for sharing. For a split second, I thought you were actually in Hoffman Estates based on your last name, haha. I just had a similar experience with my neutered boy who is just under a year old. Just wanted to throw that out there for any other inquiring minds. I caught him peeking at me and reached over to give him a belly rub and I see….

We just have to never speak of this. My cat is obsessed with his penis. No wonder my female cat hates him. Cat penises are terrifying. His pink thing. Tags: cats have penises crazy cat lady entertainment funny humor life penile spines are scary pink thing weird. Katie Hoffman Katie Hoffman is a writer living in the suburbs of Chicago. You might want to get him checked out at the vet as he could have a UTI problem. Scroll down to load next post.

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