Can we expect more Ancient Games?

Yes. Right now, I am finishing the Update 1.5 for Senet and getting ready to port both games to iOS and Windows. I expect the next title (XII Scripta) to be released arount May.

How many games are planned?

I don't have a maximum number. I work on several games at the same time so I know about the current batch of games ("Phase 1"). After they are all released, I'll start working on Phase 2.

Can I suggest games?

Each Phase will have 10 games. Phase 1 has all its titles, but I am open for suggestions concerning futures phases. The games must be ancient (Antiquity or Middle Ages) and have playable rules.

Will future releases be linked to my Ancient Games account?

Yes. If you have 2000 gold coins in Senet, you'll also have them in Game #152.