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July 29, God wired a man to feel physically connected to his wife by experiencing physical release. The physical act of sex allows a man to open himself up and become more vulnerable to his wife, connecting himself to his and her emotions more easily.

Emotional connection gives the woman a sense of safety — The safety needed to give herself physically. In order for the ring to flow freely a woman must feel emotionally connected and safe enough to open herself up physically.

A man needs to connect physically in order to be more inclined to share of himself emotionally. All must flow together and with fluidity. A couple can cut, damage or interrupt the natural flow of this ring so easily, which leaves one or both feeling rejected or unloved. Know and believe that men and woman were deed to want the exact same thing!

Delaware woman sues father for alleged child rape, trafficking, pornography

Husbands and wives often do not understand that each have a different way of getting that connection and their als go misunderstood. Pleasing her derives his utmost pleasure. Show him and tell him during and after sex. He is able to experience that connection most through sexual intimacy and physical touch translation SEX. After physical release, he is more able to connect on an emotional level.

Non-responsiveness is felt as rejection. Primarily affirmation for his sexual ability to please, but also for his ability to provide and protect is needed.

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Never forget that he too wants to hear he is sexually attractive to his wife as well. It is also necessary for a husband to affirm his love for her and his appreciation for her role as a wife and mother daily. Affirmation is best if done verbally.

Women connect relationally through talk and emotional sharing. If a man is not doing this, he is not connecting to her and she will not want to have sex with him. The more non-sexual touch she gets the safer she feels and the more she will open sexually.

Prayer is the strongest connective mechanism we have in addition to sex. Take the lead at home to pray, share; ask questions about spiritual relationships. Attend church together. Romance is your love in action.

Romance is time, laughter, surprise, and selflessness. Take the next step. Call for an appointment.

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Cohen said her father often said it after raping her, selling her body to other men, and filming the acts of rape for profit.


A Delaware man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl before throwing her into a pond has been sentenced to life in prison.