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Tweet 4 Pin 5 Share 13 22 Shares. Jane was the Chief Swine Officer at Piggy Plan, a company providing paper mache piggy banks to fundraising organizations, when she realized her life needed to change. In this episode, Jane shares the story of her transformation from drab housewife to fab, hot wife. Jane and I bare all in this chat about sexuality, eroticism, and the importance of knowing ourselves and recognizing our deepest desires. Welcome back to another episode of positive productivity.

Also thrilled to introduce our guest, Jane Quinn. Shane is the queen of happy endings at grown up love Jane, welcome.

Thank you so much. So happy to be here with you, Kim. Jane, you started your journey as an entrepreneur as a chief swine officer at Peggy plan. Crazy title. Well, I had this small import business where I I contracted with people in the Philippines to make paper machine a piggy banks, and my company was piggy plan and I would sell those piggy banks to schools, nonprofits and churches so they could use them in their fundraising. I called myself the the chief swine officer.

Yep, I was the pig lady. Oh my goodness. So how did everything transition after that? Can you share more about your journey and also what you do today with the listeners? You bet?

Jane Guyn: Well, yeah, you know, what happened was my life at the time I had. The plan was really very focused on my. And yeah, I really fell into Such a an experience of being completely a mom. And even in my business a mom even in piggy plant a mom. I was that mom. My brother in law gave me so much crap about it. He was just like, what are you doing in that, like, prairie woman dress and, and at the time, it really reflected who I was because I completely forgotten who I was as a sexual person, which actually ended up almost cost me my marriage.

Oh, congratulations on that. one. Yeah, yeah. Thank you listeners, I forgot to say. And I know that I listened to podcast sometimes with some of my kids in the car at home.

Quick show notes – too busy to get busy with jane guyn

This episode may not be totally suitable for listening ears. But that is totally up to you. I know. But I do just want to give you that disclaimer. To jump us forward a little bit.

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How did everything begin to change? Well, as I mentioned, I was in this supermom role and one of the things that was happening in my life is, the more I got really connected to like all of the nuts and bolts of the days with my kids, I kind of also became pretty isolated.

I had my business manage out of my home, I had like boxes and boxes of these paper machine pigs in the basement. And I was stressed about that. I Sutton also stressed about a lot of things that were going on with my. You know, I was running him from one super activity to another super activity constantly on the go, and I got really kind of burned out and Boyd and I spent a lot of time complaining when I talked to sex husband.

And, you know, it affected our marriage. And it turned out that there was another moment in his life who actually was really not in such a negative hepace and she was a lot more pleasant and want. Hear I was annoyed, irritable. And somehow he did not have an affair with this woman, what we would call an affair, which is just wonderful and actually points out what a high integrity person is. But I gotta say, they became close.

But I when I realized that this other relationship had become warmer than you know, really what was going on between us that actually gave me it was a wife up call to to take back myself as a woman and not just as a mom.

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So I, I really, really looked at that and and started a journey into myself to discover what did happen to like this. This woman who was madly in love with her husband, what did happened to me that me that I knew for so long. But I would have to advise not marrying your high school sweetheart.

But I married my high school sweetheart. And it was just it was not meant to be for us.

Like you already said Bravo to him for not doing anything that would be regrettable later. But I can imagine that it would be very difficult if he was always a downer to just have that warm and pleasant relationship with him and, and not think about the grass being greener somewhere else.

So you realize that changes needed to be made. Jane Guyn: Well, the thing that was really interesting about it is that we had started out as just this absolutely passionate couple. So you know, one of the things that I remember you know, we met in a hospital and I was a student nurse wearing the little white socks, the tights and the white really white shoes and this is back in the day when nurses wore those little kind of traditional nursing uniforms.

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I even had a hat I used to wear. Just make sure you know, the Halloween store. And he was that he was the handsome young intern.

And I remember this one experience where, fortunately that the hospital janitor did not open the door in this one room where we found each other. I mean, it was a very exciting relationship from the beginning and it continued to be so it was very unusual for us to find ourselves kind of disconnected in this way.

As a couple, the beginning of our relationship had been really, really electric. But it was there was nothing, not one piece. Absolutely nothing unless it was sex, and talking about sex to .

So I went on this, I kind of started looking at that, and started reading, and reading and reading and reading and reading. And I learned a ton about like, what, what was out there what people had said, and I decided I wanted to work in that field because I felt like there are so many women like, like me out there.

Pp too busy to get busy with jane guyn

And it was so challenging for most of us to balance being a mom, being a business owner, and still being having enough energy and connection and, you know, I get In a way openness, energetic openness or timeframe openness to really be, be in love, you know, be connected and be passionately in love with our partner. But getting ready for new media summit, which was the first time I had left my family since my twins were born. A couple months, I realized I had a problem. And that problem is embarrassing as the sound. I had neglected undergarments for years, because of the. But when I heard about the service and no listeners, this is not sponsored by however, maybe I should get a sponsorship from adorama.

I was like, What would you like? And his, his eyes just lit up. I love that. Just being totally transparent here. But yes, it had become just blah. Yeah, but it even made me start feeling better like I could sit a little bit taller. I know listeners are sir. Yeah, sure. Because it matters and really that is my main message when I work with my clients is actually connection sexuality, intimacy, this stuff matters.

Or look at that sparkle and they see you walking with your husband. And that is so good. In a lot of ways. I am not into that at all. How am I socialized around this?

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How did I get here? Okay, how did they get to this place I am today. And so then like, what do I want it to be like, I want to have this passionate, wonderful, erotic, amazing, loving relationship with my husband for the next 30 years. And what we have both noticed, because my husband was married twice before me is that communication is the key. We can talk about anything. And we do talk about anything and everything in that includes sex. Yeah, I totally agree. And I would even step back one step before that, and that is to a place of actually deep knowing of yourself.

And something that really makes both people have a great time. It can always get better. Jane Guyn: I love that.

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